Tata Escobar

Tata Escobar was the wife of Pablo Escobar as portrayed in Netflix series- Narcos. In real-life, Maria Victoria Henao was Pablo Escobar’s wife. Interesting trivia about this character is- she became Pablo Escobar’s wife at the tender age of 15 years while he was 11 years elder to her. Once the drug lord died, Maria and her children sought refuge in Argentina to escape being murdered by Pablo’s fellow drug lords. Argentina granted her and the children asylum and allowed them to change identities.

30 Billion Dollar Rules – Pablo Escobar

‘Drug Lord’, ‘Cocaine King’, ‘Head of the Medellin Drug Cartel’ are the titles which belong to the wealthiest, most powerful and Continue Reading

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Who is real life Tata Escobar?

Maria Victoria Henao is the real life wife of Pablo Escobar. She got married to Escobar when she was 15 years old, Escobar was 11 years older to her and was 26 years old.

Escobar became the drug lord and Continue Reading

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