Sunglasses are popularly known as shades, they are usually work to protect eyes from harmful sun rays. In modern days, sunglasses are available in both branded and unbranded forms which may come in different styles, designs, colors altered to meet varying face cuts and consumer requirements.

5 Accessories For Women Bosses

It is a very common phenomenon that we should dress like the person we want to be in the future. This too cannot be denied that everybody wants to be successful and have power over others, it is therefore essential to have the right attire. Continue Reading

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5 Sunglasses Style for Her

Trending at an exponential rate, sunglasses have evolved from being a necessity to a fashion statement. They not only jazz up your look but protect your eyes. Who doesn’t want to look chic and that too by just adding just one pair of glasses? Continue Reading

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Dress like Harvey, Close like Harvey: Shades

Do you aspire to match Harvey Specter’s style quotient and confidence?

To be a closer like Mr. Specter Continue Reading

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