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Harvey Specter 5 Laws Of Success

Harvey Reginald Specter is famously known as THE MENTOR. He is also called the witty one or the leader but he is best known for his mentoring skills.

He’s also really selective of the people he surrounds himself with so count yourself lucky if you’re one of his chosen people.

However, since everyone can’t possibly have him as a mentor Continue Reading

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Suits Title Song – Greenback Boogie

The title song of Suits is “GreenBack Boogie”. It has been rendered by Ima Robot.

The song perfectly compliments the story line as its Continue Reading

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Harvey Specter guide to First week in Office

Harvey Reginald Specter aka “The Closer” “The Witty One” “The Bully” “The Partner” “The Leader”. More than anything is famous for being “The Mentor”. Continue Reading

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