Suits is an American drama television series created by Aaron Korsh. Theme of the drama is based on life of lawyers, legalities, mitigations and politics involved at the firm. The show premiered during 2011 and is currently renewed for its eighth season. Suits is based on a fictional law firm in New York City and has Gabriel Macht playing the lead character of Harvey Specter- a powerful and successful Manhattan lawyer; who hires a talented college dropout who never attended law school- Mike Ross to work as an Associate for him. With Harvey Specter in lead and Mike Ross as his wing man, success is inevitable but only till the time this secret remains between them.

Harvey Specter 5 Laws Of Success

Harvey Reginald Specter is famously known as THE MENTOR. He is also called the witty one or the leader but he is best known for his mentoring skills.

He’s also really selective of the people he surrounds himself with so count yourself lucky if you’re one of his chosen people.

However, since everyone can’t possibly have him as a mentor Continue Reading

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Develop SUPERMAN Confidence!

People regularly post questions related to improving confidence on platforms like Quora, the questions range from tips on building confidence to techniques for maintaining and enhancing it.

Frankly, I have struggled to muster confidence as well. During high school, I remember getting severe stomach cramps as soon as a Continue Reading

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Suits Title Song – Greenback Boogie

The title song of Suits is “GreenBack Boogie”. It has been rendered by Ima Robot.

The song perfectly compliments the story line as its Continue Reading

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Harvey Specter guide to First week in Office

Harvey Reginald Specter aka “The Closer” “The Witty One” “The Bully” “The Partner” “The Leader”. More than anything is famous for being “The Mentor”. Continue Reading

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