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How To Make Sure No One Reads Your Resume Ever Again

If you want to pave the way to a good job for yourself, you should have the most impressive CV. However, if you’re one of those people who likes to give the recruiter a headache and make him vow never to give your resume another glance, Continue Reading

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5 DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Hairstyles For Her

Getting late for an important meeting? Have a habit of snoozing late? Does your hair never listen to you? If yes then stay tuned as we bring to you some simple DIY hairstyles that would just help make your day! Continue Reading

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5 Accessories For Women Bosses

It is a very common phenomenon that we should dress like the person we want to be in the future. This too cannot be denied that everybody wants to be successful and have power over others, it is therefore essential to have the right attire. Continue Reading

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5 Must-Have Jackets For Her

Jackets are not just there to keep you warm, but it helps you add some elegance to your wardrobe while giving you a whole new level of confidence.

If you haven’t found the right jacket as yet, then you have come to the right place as we bring for you Continue Reading

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7 Women Celebrities that started their Perfume Brand

Celebrities are an inspiration and aspiration for us all. We all want to be them and so we start dressing like them, eating like them, acting like them etc. This actually is the power of fame, the stardom that celebrity has is accentuated through their presence on the media and the following they have.

You know how it is said that each one of us has their own scent or smell? Continue Reading

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5 Scent-sational Fragrances for Her.

A good smell is the feast to the nose, smelling nice is one of the biggest influence when it comes to people. It is even proven by psychologists that a good smelling person appears friendlier than a person with a foul smell. Continue Reading

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5 Sunglasses Style for Her

Trending at an exponential rate, sunglasses have evolved from being a necessity to a fashion statement. They not only jazz up your look but protect your eyes. Who doesn’t want to look chic and that too by just adding just one pair of glasses? Continue Reading

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Wheels on Fire : Types Of Car Explained

This article would help you get familiarized with different styles of cars and what differentiates each of them.

We bring to you 6 most popular styles of cars which you may have commonly heard of but may not have a fair idea about. Let’s get started! Continue Reading

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Know Your Brew : 5 Coffee Types You Should Know!

Do you know an average person in Finland consumes up to 12kg of coffee per year? Clearly coffee is wonderful and a lot of people are in love with it! While coffee Continue Reading

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Must Know about Cars before Big Dinner!

Have you ever been in a situation where people are referring to different models and specifications of cars and you don’t have clue of which car are they are talking about? The thought of chatting over dinner and not having a clue of what your folks are talking about is rather disturbing!

Knowing about cars Continue Reading

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