Parenting Books

Parenting books are literary renditions to guide a mother and father on advice related to topics like challenges of raising a child, what to expect when you are pregnant, how to take care of the child in different phases for example from infancy to adolescence to adulthood etc. Most parenting books are composed on real life experiences of people, their accounts and how were they able to deal with those situations. The aim of parenting books is to prepare the mother and father so that they are aware of what to expect in what situations and how to navigate their way through them.

Is Delayed Gratification Key to Success?

There is so much more to what causes people to do what they do, there are so many factors which motivate us.

For myself particularly, I do consider rewards or gains that arise from a particular behavior of mine- also known as gratification, as an influencing factor on my motivation. Continue Reading

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Building Critical Thinking Skills In Children Age 9+

The English Language curriculum has evolved greatly, evident in the new syllabus that was rolled out in 2010. Taking the Oral section for instance, the format has undergone a transformation to become more discussion and conversational based. Gone are the days where candidates simply describe to the examiner what they see in the picture given – a one-way presentation. Continue Reading

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7 Must Read Books For New Parents

Although an entire category has now evolved to address and tackle ‘parenting’ writing- lets be fair, the general perception usually is that books will either cause one to puke or to snooze.

New parents are in need of help but parenting books may still leave a lot to be desired. Some of them are plain boring, some narrate horrors of the ‘new life’ (which frankly intimidate new parents even more), some try to be humors (but are not!) and some are plain bad. Continue Reading

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