Movie or cinema film is a motion picture or a feature film, sometimes also referred to as ‘cinema’, ‘silver screen’ and ‘big screen’.

From Negative To Positive In 23 Days

It’s the people’s innate perception that determines how they view the society around them. If you are filled a negative attitude, then everything around you will appear in a negative light.

Negative thoughts would mentally drain you and curb your strength to face the challenges of a new day with a fresh outlook. Therefore the 21/90 rule, is very important for you to adopt Continue Reading

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HOLA Weekend : 5 Happy Movies for Happy Weekend

We have a tendency to spend weekends either of the two ways usually: party till you drop dead or turn into a couch potato and go on Netflix rampage. We may also find ourselves getting tired, low or depressed because simply put- we may have nothing to do and weekend may seem like a drag. Continue Reading

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Catchphrases from Catchy Movie Characters

Super stars are full of super phrases and some of them were so super good that we super put them in this super 5 list. Continue Reading

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