To meditate means to focus one’s mind in silence towards something that has a religious/spiritual meaning or soothing effect as means to relax and unwind. Meditation is an act of thinking or focusing deeply- it is to contemplate and deliberate. Meditation is when a person plans, unwinds and reflects mentally with a purpose to feel relaxed and at peace.

Commuditation : Change Your Commute Into Meditation

A few minutes of silent communication with our inner being allows us to get a respite from the harsh world around us.

Early morning meditation will enable us to find peace with our selves.

When the turbulent world is at rest in the wee morning hours, by meditating, Continue Reading

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Secret Recipe To Have A Perfect Day

Consciously building a daily routine for yourself instills plenty of good habits.

People are most productive when they wake up early and as they set up their routine with a fresh mind they maintain that level of productivity for longer periods of time in their day.

Waking early will also give you the best opportunity to reflect in a tranquil atmosphere.

As a result, this proactive approach will give you a positive outlook and a fresh mindset to tackle the challenges of a busy day. Continue Reading

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