McKinsey & Company is an American global management consulting firm which offers its services to public, private and social firms/institutions. The firm relies on quantitative and qualitative measures to evaluate management decisions and was founded in 1926 by James McKinsey. McKinsey & Co. represents 90+ years of consulting experience and has a presence in more than 120 cities.



8 Books Every Consultant Should Read

In order to thrive successfully in the world of consultants, you need to have a good command over your reading skills and harbor a good reading stamina. Consultants need to excel in areas of management and have comprehensive understanding of finance, strategy, the organizational structure of the company and its relation with the external environment. Continue Reading

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McKinsey Consultants Leaving for Ride-Sharing

Uber changed the way we used taxi, it was Travis Kalanick’s golden idea that not only revolutionized the rental car and taxi industry but also restructured the Auto industry as a whole.

In an attempt to keep up with the changing trends and market needs, a lot of automotive companies have started Continue Reading

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McKinsey : The CEO Factory

McKinsey and Company is a global management consulting firm of American origin. Founded in 1926, this firm has developed a unique offering of quantitative and qualitative analysis to support and evaluate management decisions across public and private sectors.

Powered by knowledge, strong organizational values, innovation and rich diversity- McKinsey truly enables its clients to succeed and grow.

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Start your career with McKinsey

McKinsey one of the best ways to start your career. Whether you are a undergraduate, pursuing MBA or have completed Post-graduate, McKinsey can add a lot of value in your career…

To start your career with McKinsey you Continue Reading

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