Healthy Living

Healthy living refers to a balanced and well nourished lifestyle that a person chooses to adopt. Healthy living points out that a person makes conscious efforts to attain both physical and mental wellness and develop resilience. A person would dedicate time, effort and resources towards clean and healthy eating and induce a positive, gratified mindset.

5 Tried and Tested Ways To Build Self Discipline

A person’s success and achievement is dependent on many factors, opportunities and qualities; but habits like self-discipline, ability to keep organized and remaining focused to ONE goal form the basis of victory and accomplishment.

Self-discipline is an acquired skill and we can learn this behavior by incorporating simple, easy-to-do habits in our routine life: Continue Reading

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

People’s lives face a rollercoaster of events, their subjective nature of reactions can be highly determined with the monetary influences in each situation. By researching human lives and their subsequent reactions in the course of events, scientists have objectively concluded upon a Hedonic treadmill that concludes that if people get what they dream intensely for in their lives, they will not retain that level of happiness for a long time.

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