Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a diary or log to record and note things for which one is grateful. A gratitude journal is maintained by people who aspire to induce happiness in their lives and focus their energy and attention to optimism. It serves as a reminder to make a note of small things which we may end up taking for granted and instead be thankful for them.

Secret Recipe To Have A Perfect Day

Consciously building a daily routine for yourself instills plenty of good habits. People are most productive when they wake up early and as they set up their routine with a fresh mind they maintain that level of productivity for longer periods of time in their day.

Waking early will also give you the best opportunity to reflect in a tranquil atmosphere. As a result, this proactive approach will give you a positive outlook and a fresh mindset to tackle the challenges of a busy day. Continue Reading

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10 Daily Acts To Boost Confidence

Self-confidence is a habit that sets you apart from other people. There is an aura around confidence that immediately makes itself known. People realize that this is someone who knows where they’re headed, who has confidence in his own abilities and who knows his own strengths.

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Raising Grateful Kids In An Entitled World

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World- a book by Kristen Welch beautifully narrates how learning to say ‘no’ can in fact lead to the biggest ‘yes’ in life for a family. Continue Reading

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Digital Gratitude Diary: Savvy Alternative To Count Your Blessings!

Power of expressing and feeling gratitude cannot be undermined- but that said the real challenge is maintaining a physical journal/diary for your thoughts. Many a times you may experience a beautiful moment that so touches your heart and just when you wish you had something to record your feelings- you realize your journal is back home on your side table. Continue Reading

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5 Ways Gratitude Diary Makes You More Successful

Writing down things you are most grateful for has proven to yield tangible results. Maintaining a ‘gratitude journal’ to jot down a list of positive things that happened throughout the day or things that made you happy is said to yield lower stress levels, boost calmness and enhance quality of sleep. Continue Reading

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