Fashion refers to a popular or trending style of clothing, makeup, footwear, hair styles, decoration, carrying accessories etc. Fashion is also described as a fad or a distinctive trend in which a person dresses.

5 Must Have Watches for Her!

When you talk about elegance, a watch is a great fashion statement that speaks volume about one’s style and delicacy. With emerging fashion trends, wearing watches has become important for women as it gives a classic and timeless look that can be carried with confidence. Continue Reading

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5 Must Have Belts For Her

Staying all chic and is every woman’s wish, be it as simple as wearing any accessory or dressing up attractively. Wearing belts can spruce up the overall look and this little addition can be modified to go with any outfit, formal or informal.

Since belts are part of almost every professional and casual outfits, it is necessary Continue Reading

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5 Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Never ask a girl with the perfect winged liner why she was late, well no more as we bring or you killer makeup hacks that can u make runway ready in a matter of minutes. Continue Reading

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12 Quick Ways To Ruin Your First Impression

There is a reason why people say and believe ‘first impression is your last impression’.

How you come across in terms of dressing, body language, gestures and overall communication is extremely crucial when it comes to people making up their minds about what sort of person you are. Continue Reading

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5 DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Hairstyles For Her

Getting late for an important meeting? Have a habit of snoozing late? Does your hair never listen to you? If yes then stay tuned as we bring to you some simple DIY hairstyles that would just help make your day! Continue Reading

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5 Sunglasses Style for Her

Trending at an exponential rate, sunglasses have evolved from being a necessity to a fashion statement. They not only jazz up your look but protect your eyes. Who doesn’t want to look chic and that too by just adding just one pair of glasses? Continue Reading

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