Daredevil is a a fictional superhero from Marvel series who gets blinded when a radioactive substance falls in his eyes. While he can no longer see, radioactive exposure heightens his remaining senses to beyond normal human ability and gives him a ‘radar’ sense. The story has since been translated into a Netflix show by Drew Goddard. Charlie Cox renders the character of Matthew Murdock aka Daredeveil who is a blind lawyer by the day and fights crime by the night.

Matt Murdock guide on being fearless

Life is all about making choices and sometimes, we have to make difficult ones as well. Matt Murdock- “The Daredevil” is known for being fearless in the face of danger. Continue Reading

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Wilson Fisk Guide to Built an Empire

Willson Fisk the Famous Gangster from Daredevil was able to build a large empire out of nothing. Continue Reading

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Lessons from STICK (Daredevil) to Built Resilience

If you are looking to build resilience, NO ONE is better than the coach who has helped daredevil BECOME DAREDEVIL in every sense of the word is none other than – Stick. Continue Reading

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