Coach is a term used in sports usually to describe an experienced person who is responsible for training, giving direction to and teaching a sports team or an individual sports person

10 Powerful Insights On Life By Master Yoda

There is no denying of the Star Wars charm and lure, with the latest film in the series: The Last Jedi hitting the theaters, it has already seen a rise in a new generation of fans with the epic characters, well-devised plot and several insightful lessons for life.

Although the new films produced under the Star Wars banner have seen an introduction of new, younger characters- nothing beats the fact that reappearance of originals: Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker is what attracts people and fuels their excitement. Continue Reading

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Dress like Harvey, Close like Harvey: Shades

Do you aspire to match Harvey Specter’s style quotient and confidence?

To be a closer like Mr. Specter Continue Reading

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Got Stuck? Learn from Performance Coach Wendy Rhoades

Learn the rules of consistency and performance from popular coach of TV series Billions. Continue Reading

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Jack Donaghy guide to Personal Branding

If we have to produce a list of award winning TV characters then Jack Donaghy will definitely top the charts. Jack had a rough childhood and started working at the age of 12. Continue Reading

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Harvey Specter guide to First week in Office

Harvey Reginald Specter aka “The Closer” “The Witty One” “The Bully” “The Partner” “The Leader”. More than anything is famous for being “The Mentor”. Continue Reading

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Coach Taylor Guide to Outperform Everyone at Work

Well in most success related articles you will read online there is one suggestion that’s part of every list and that is ‘Getting a Mentor’ or ‘Get a Coach’. Continue Reading

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Lessons from STICK (Daredevil) to Built Resilience

If you are looking to build resilience, NO ONE is better than the coach who has helped daredevil BECOME DAREDEVIL in every sense of the word is none other than – Stick. Continue Reading

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5 Catchphrases to Motivate Your Team

Following 5 Catchphrases can make your team meetings memorable. Remember! Make sure you practice them before saying them in front of the team. Continue Reading

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