Charisma refers to an aura, charm or strong presence which a person may have which compels attractiveness and inspires devotion and/or attention from others.

The Differences between Consultants and Partners in Management Consulting

The difference between Partner and Junior consultant is not just a million dollar in salary but many other things.

As every consultant aspire to become a partner one day coming up with a game plan from day 1 can smoothen the journey. Continue Reading

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The Charisma Of Tony Stark

Whenever we perceive super heroes like Batman or Superman, we caricature them to be the figures who are infallible and invincible.

This conception makes them close to unreal as they lack something humane concerning them.

However the appearance and the character traits of Iron man played by Tony Stark are both diametrically opposed to the super heroes of all times, Continue Reading

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The Charisma of SRK

The reason why people love and admire SRK (Shahrukh Khan) apart from his superb acting skills and his reputation him the Bollywood films as a romantic hero is that he is a self-made actor. Continue Reading

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Change Your Words Change Your Life!

Words are the most potent tools that aim at either maintaining a relationship or severing the ties between people.

When spoken with softness and empathy, they can heal the wounds, win the hearts and make the people reach out to others, but when spoken with harshness, they can hinder relationships, humiliate and harm people in the process. Continue Reading

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Ready- Get.Set.Go! – Car Types Deciphered!

This article will help you get familiarized with the 6 most popular car styles- the ones which are commonly heard and spoken of but we may not have a fair idea about.

For those who are not so familiar, automobile jargon can be puzzling and we hope to acquaint you with the most commonly used types and their basic differences. Let’s get our engines started! Continue Reading

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Code of Success Deciphered: Power of Believing You Can Improve!

I remember struggling during my early school days with assignments, ensuring ‘neatness’ of handwriting and allocating time to revise for multiple subjects.

The pressure and anxiety was too much!

It made me cranky, depressed and sad because I was fixated on getting top grades on all subjects. Continue Reading

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Elevator Answer : To Elevate Your Career

Who doesn’t want to ace an interview and land a job one aspires for?

Preparing for an interview is like making thorough battle plans keeping in mind all contingencies and fighting for success till the very end.

Of course anyone who gives an interview wants to Continue Reading

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12 Quick Ways To Ruin Your First Impression

There is a reason why people say and believe ‘first impression is your last impression’.

How you come across in terms of dressing, body language, gestures and overall communication is extremely crucial when it comes to people making up their minds about what sort of person you are. Continue Reading

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Jeff Bezos Guide on Art of Silence

Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon has shown us all art of management, leadership and discipline. This man took the world by storm with his ideas and invention. Entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist, this man has set examples in top management books. Continue Reading

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Tony Robbins: The Antidote of Fear

Tony Robbins is not a name unheard of; this magnetic, charismatic coach has used his unique perspective on success, peace and life to help millions of people.

He is known to induce positivity by the power of his speech, actions and words- he inspires people to live the lives they want. Continue Reading

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