A car is a motored, road vehicle used for transportation. Depending on the model and make, a car can typically accommodate two to eight people.

Ready- Get.Set.Go! – Car Types Deciphered!

This article will help you get familiarized with the 6 most popular car styles- the ones which are commonly heard and spoken of but we may not have a fair idea about.

For those who are not so familiar, automobile jargon can be puzzling and we hope to acquaint you with the most commonly used types and their basic differences. Let’s get our engines started! Continue Reading

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Wheels on Fire : Types Of Car Explained

This article would help you get familiarized with different styles of cars and what differentiates each of them.

We bring to you 6 most popular styles of cars which you may have commonly heard of but may not have a fair idea about. Let’s get started! Continue Reading

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Must Know about Cars before Big Dinner!

Have you ever been in a situation where people are referring to different models and specifications of cars and you don’t have clue of which car are they are talking about? The thought of chatting over dinner and not having a clue of what your folks are talking about is rather disturbing!

Knowing about cars Continue Reading

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