A business represents an organization or enterprise which is engaged in commercial and/or professional activities. A business is established when transactions or activities take place through buying and selling of goods/services either digitally or in traditional brick and mortar setups.

Let’s Mint Money 21st Century Style: Work from Home

My friend and I were having a discussion last week on how to earn and live better without compromising on the ‘fun’ element.

While I work at an MNC for a 9-to-5 job which pays well, she is a housewife who aspires to create and do something of her own from home. It was during that discussion that I realized Continue Reading

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Websites for Daily Creative Inspiration

Everybody needs to get a daily dose of inspiration to succeed at work.

The internet is a great place for this purpose but there are many resources, so you can be confused. Moreover, not all of us have enough free time Internet searching to find the most suitable blog.

That’s why I did it for you. Here is a list of websites, that will be great for all professions whether you’re an artist, designer, illustrator, or technical writer. Continue Reading

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8 Books Every Consultant Should Read

In order to thrive successfully in the world of consultants, you need to have a good command over your reading skills and harbor a good reading stamina. Consultants need to excel in areas of management and have comprehensive understanding of finance, strategy, the organizational structure of the company and its relation with the external environment. Continue Reading

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7 Movies that make Finance Interesting

Number crunching and subjects like mathematics were enough to give me nightmares during my school days. Sadly, those nightmares have lasted ever since.

During school, it was advance mathematics; come college- it was pure mathematics and then during university- it was finance. Continue Reading

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5 Must Have Men’s Shoe Style

Looking good isn’t self-importance; its self-respect by Charles Hix  is highly relevant to this read.

To make a lasting first impression, it is imperative that you wear and carry the ‘right’ pair of shoes- the ones that match your personality and definitely the event type. Continue Reading

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If Not Facebook then Bitcoin

One thing that is common between Facebook and Bitcoin is that they both got popular with the young generation very quickly. They launched and they spread like a fire with word of mouth and suddenly everybody start talking about it with a promise to change the world.

But there is one other thing that is common between Facebook and Bitcoin Continue Reading

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11 Secret of Business from Richard Branson

Most of us, if not all are aware of the brand name ‘Virgin’. Virgin represents an array of businesses Continue Reading

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Al Swearengen Guide to Business

We don’t promote negative characters but if you want to conquer fear, built resilience or most importantly learn how to run an empire then you have to learn from the bad guys. Continue Reading

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