Body language

Body Language describes the conscious and unconscious physical movements or gestures using which a person communicates their feelings and/or intent.

The Charisma of SRK

The reason why people love and admire SRK (Shahrukh Khan) apart from his superb acting skills and his reputation him the Bollywood films as a romantic hero is that he is a self-made actor. Continue Reading

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Become A People Magnet

Adopting a positive approach and a sight that sees goodness in people is a skill that will a give you a great number of fan following.

The idea behind being a “magnet” is your ability of attracting people towards your helping hand that is open to connection.

You are someone on whom they can reach out in the toughest and the happiest times. Continue Reading

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12 Quick Ways To Ruin Your First Impression

There is a reason why people say and believe ‘first impression is your last impression’.

How you come across in terms of dressing, body language, gestures and overall communication is extremely crucial when it comes to people making up their minds about what sort of person you are. Continue Reading

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