Bill Gates

Bill Gates aka William Henry Gates III is an American businessman known widely as the launcher of Microsoft. Up until 2014, he remained the CEO for Microsoft but later transitioned to pursue philanthropic interests. He is still the technology adviser to the newly appointed CEO- Satya Nadella. From 1995-2017, he remained the richest man on Forbes list of the world’s most wealthiest people, with an estimated net worth of USD 89.9 billion as of Oct 2017.

What Do Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates Do Every Night?

Envisioning the lifestyle and nighttime routine of the world’s two most notable billionaires-

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, handling dinnerware definitely doesn’t click right away does it?

Surprisingly, both Gates and Bezos (with an average wealth of over $100 billion) swear by Continue Reading

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Put Your All Eggs In One Basket

People say it’s best to diversify and spread risks rather than placing all eggs in one basket. Splitting money, time and effort over a range of initiatives is best because apart from reducing risks, it also ensures that one succeeds in one thing or another right?


It is proven that most successful people indeed made it big by remaining committed and Continue Reading

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