Best Listener

Being a good listener refers to a person being attentive to the words and cues of the other person. It denotes listening with ears, eyes and gut to pick out verbal as well as non verbal cues.

Breaking the code of Charisma

Simply defined, Charisma is a spark, grace, and charm in one’s personality.

Some people are assumed naturally CHARISMATIC but if we look at their life in detail they have gone through certain experiences and environment. Continue Reading

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Become A People Magnet

Adopting a positive approach and a sight that sees goodness in people is a skill that will a give you a great number of fan following.

The idea behind being a “magnet” is your ability of attracting people towards your helping hand that is open to connection.

You are someone on whom they can reach out in the toughest and the happiest times. Continue Reading

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