Be Energetic

Being energetic is a phrase used to refer to a state of being zealous and passionate. It is used to denote vibrancy and enthusiasm.

Number 1 Reason For Getting Stuck

According to the Carnegie Institute of Technology, only 15% of financial success comes from knowledge or technical skills. The other 85% comes from an individual’s ability to effectively communicate, negotiate, and lead.

Sometimes, your lack of public speaking skills or your ability to express yourself clearly in front of the audience of interviewers may become a barrier in your way to moving ahead in your career. Continue Reading

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Elevator Answer : To Elevate Your Career

Who doesn’t want to ace an interview and land a job one aspires for?

Preparing for an interview is like making thorough battle plans keeping in mind all contingencies and fighting for success till the very end.

Of course anyone who gives an interview wants to Continue Reading

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Become A People Magnet

Adopting a positive approach and a sight that sees goodness in people is a skill that will a give you a great number of fan following.

The idea behind being a “magnet” is your ability of attracting people towards your helping hand that is open to connection.

You are someone on whom they can reach out in the toughest and the happiest times. Continue Reading

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