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5 Pop-ups To Help You Reach Your Goals

There are two school of thoughts regarding the random emergence of pop-ups the moment you are at the brink of deeply exploring a particular site or an online store. Proponents of digital marketing claim that they are the best thing out there to connect with the users but the users mostly discern them as annoying and something that distracts them from their area of interest. Continue Reading

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Elevator Answer : To Elevate Your Career

Who doesn’t want to ace an interview and land a job one aspires for?

Preparing for an interview is like making thorough battle plans keeping in mind all contingencies and fighting for success till the very end.

Of course anyone who gives an interview wants to Continue Reading

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10 Books For Self Betterment

If you are to say that you achieved self-betterment at this particular point in life you are mistaken. You may have achieved a certain type of improvement either in your schedule or dealings with people or in your innate personality trait. Self-betterment calls for a lifelong process of changing and reforming yourself and revitalizing your personal grooming. Continue Reading

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Self Education VS Formal Education

Like myself, millennial’s of 21st century are faced with the dilemma of differentiating and choosing between formal and self-education as means to achieving success at an early age.

In my opinion, if we choose one over another we may completely miss the point of becoming educated in the 1st place.

In actuality both self and formal education seek to enlighten a person but with different purposes. Continue Reading

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10 Powerful Insights On Life By Master Yoda

There is no denying of the Star Wars charm and lure, with the latest film in the series: The Last Jedi hitting the theaters, it has already seen a rise in a new generation of fans with the epic characters, well-devised plot and several insightful lessons for life.

Although the new films produced under the Star Wars banner have seen an introduction of new, younger characters- nothing beats the fact that Continue Reading

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Building Critical Thinking Skills In Children Age 9+

The English Language curriculum has evolved greatly, evident in the new syllabus that was rolled out in 2010. Taking the Oral section for instance, the format has undergone a transformation to become more discussion and conversational based. Gone are the days where candidates simply describe to the examiner what they see in the picture given – a one-way presentation. Continue Reading

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What Your Handshake Says About You?

Throughout times, handshakes has been given different connotations in social, political and business affairs. Handshakes act to bind individuals in concrete social relationships and agreements and in a global political context they can be seen as an upper hand in certain diplomatic areas that says a lot than words would do alone. The most infamous handshake of Trump and Macron that lasted for 29 seconds is a perfect depiction of this. Continue Reading

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When It’s Okay To Badmouth Your Employer?

The whole concept behind badmouthing your former employer at a job interview is that you actually end up distorting your own first impression that is crucial for your survival at work. By disparaging your earlier workplace you are actually making your current employers aware of the fact that you can also have similar opinions about them elsewhere.

This can dismantle your chances for selection and raises doubts about your efficacy in workplace as only one side of the picture is present. It is possible that you may be at fault as well and have placed the entire blame on the authority. Continue Reading

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Problem With Success Stories And Why Should We Read About Failure?

Success stories cease to give the readers the desired motivation for a prolonged time. Readers get captivated in the blooms and glory of the people’s lives on text and fail to realize what made them come such a long way.

Success stories give a one sided picture of life and in order to draw inspiration from great people’s life journey we need to reflect and ponder on their darker side. Continue Reading

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5 Best Of The Best Failure Stories

Embracing failure on the way to success is a virtue of great people throughout time. Learning from your own misfortunes, accepting your shortcomings with patience but keeping your dignity intact will enable you to make great pursuits in the long run.

Google searches show that people take more interest in reading failure stories because they believe that they hold more inspiration and a zeal for the readers to keep moving forwards in the face of hurdles. Continue Reading

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