Path section helps you in finding new Path in life. This section is different then regular jobs section as we don’t only cover part-time, full-time and management trainee job opportunities but we also want to help people in finding entrepreneurship opportunities or partnership opportunities…

We want to help as many people possible in finding better Path.

Let’s Mint Money 21st Century Style: Work from Home

My friend and I were having a discussion last week on how to earn and live better without compromising on the ‘fun’ element.

While I work at an MNC for a 9-to-5 job which pays well, she is a housewife who aspires to create and do something of her own from home. It was during that discussion that I realized Continue Reading

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7 Movies that make Finance Interesting

Number crunching and subjects like mathematics were enough to give me nightmares during my school days. Sadly, those nightmares have lasted ever since.

During school, it was advance mathematics; come college- it was pure mathematics and then during university- it was finance. Continue Reading

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If Not Facebook then Bitcoin

One thing that is common between Facebook and Bitcoin is that they both got popular with the young generation very quickly. They launched and they spread like a fire with word of mouth and suddenly everybody start talking about it with a promise to change the world.

But there is one other thing that is common between Facebook and Bitcoin Continue Reading

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Bitcoin will Increase more in 2018

Bitcoin touched $ 10,000 in November 2017 but even at this level its much smaller then most of the world currency.

A Lot of people say that its time it has reached the highest point and won’t grow further but the fact is there are still many people who are entering into the market every day.

Here are the 9 reason we think Bitcoin and other crypto currencies will grow further. Continue Reading

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McKinsey : The CEO Factory

McKinsey and Company is a global management consulting firm of American origin. Founded in 1926, this firm has developed a unique offering of quantitative and qualitative analysis to support and evaluate management decisions across public and private sectors.

Powered by knowledge, strong organizational values, innovation and rich diversity- McKinsey truly enables its clients to succeed and grow.

Continue Reading

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Barclays Graduate Opportunities – Life Changing

Barclays has one of the most extensive Graduate Opportunities in Banking Industry. The program can have a huge impact on any graduate life.

Agile Learner and Resilient Performer are 2 of Continue Reading

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Start your career with McKinsey

McKinsey one of the best ways to start your career. Whether you are a undergraduate, pursuing MBA or have completed Post-graduate, McKinsey can add a lot of value in your career…

To start your career with McKinsey you Continue Reading

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Amazon Home Based Jobs – Customer Service

Amazon is one of the company that never leaves talent in the market. It tries to get the best possible talent through acquiring companies, through various incentives and through promising careers.

Amazon Home Based Jobs are Continue Reading

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AppleCare Advisor – Part-time Job

TECH companies are built on brain power and they value talent more then anything. That is why few of them also offers Part-time jobs to student. These part-time jobs help students in paying their bills and add some experience on their resumes.

One of that part-time job is being AppleCare College Advisor. This Advisor program allows you to Continue Reading

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Opportunities that can change your life – Heineken International Graduate Program

If you love drinking Beer why not convert your love into work? Heineken International Graduate Programme is for self driven individuals who are ready to work in challenged and high-paced environment.

Heineken International Graduate Programme follows 70 : 20 : 10 Continue Reading

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