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When It’s Okay To Badmouth Your Employer?

The whole concept behind badmouthing your former employer at a job interview is that you actually end up distorting your own first impression that is crucial for your survival at work. By disparaging your earlier workplace you are actually making your current employers aware of the fact that you can also have similar opinions about them elsewhere.

This can dismantle your chances for selection and raises doubts about your efficacy in workplace as only one side of the picture is present. It is possible that you may be at fault as well and have placed the entire blame on the authority. Continue Reading

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5 Reasons To Decorate Your Workplace Tomorrow.

I’ve never been big on cluttering up my desk or work space with decorations. I had a colleague at my last workplace though, who was also quite a good friend. She always had an array of possessions and decorations on her desk which highlighted her personality.

It was interesting to see all her paraphernalia but I also always made fun of her for putting in so much effort to decorate her space. She’d always laugh and say that that was her style and it reminded her of home plus it kept her happier and calmer. She tried to convince me to give it a shot too but I always refused. Continue Reading

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Dream Big Achieve Bigger

Dreams have immense power when it comes to your destiny, but not everyone has the courage to face this fact. If you want to turn your dreams into realities, you must have confidence in yourself, a never give up motto, and undying faith in your own self.

The people who dream have Continue Reading

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Raising Grateful Kids In An Entitled World

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World- a book by Kristen Welch beautifully narrates how learning to say ‘no’ can in fact lead to the biggest ‘yes’ in life for a family. Continue Reading

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What Advice You Will Give to 15 Year Old? Qazi Usman

“My One Advise to 15 years old is

In my opinion at this age the self believe is very important, whatever they are planning to do in their academics and then professional life if you have the self believe there are very bright chances that you will succeed.

No matter you are in Robotics, Logistics, Engineering, Continue Reading

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How To Convert Your Nice Boss Into A Horrible Boss

Does your boss recognize and reward your duties? Does he have your back? Is he considerate and understanding in nature? Well if this is the case then you are at the right place. Continue Reading

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How To Make Sure No One Reads Your Resume Ever Again

If you want to pave the way to a good job for yourself, you should have the most impressive CV. However, if you’re one of those people who likes to give the recruiter a headache and make him vow never to give your resume another glance, Continue Reading

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Put all your eggs in one basket

You may have heard the advice not to put all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying your interests and money is a concept which reinforces the idea of division to reduce risks and eventually succeed in one or the other thing you’re doing. However, this is a mistake. Continue Reading

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6 ways to Ruin Your Job Interview

Failing an interview is not hard, there are so many things that can’t work out or go out of hand! We are sure you too might have had your share of rejections in interviews and may have failed due to some of the very common mistakes that we often make. Continue Reading

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Secret Sauce to Unlock Financial Freedom

If people are asked to state some of their top wishes, ‘being rich’ is something that is sure to get mentioned. But have we ever thought of what ‘being rich’ actually means? And how much money would be enough to make us feel so? Can we ever have enough of money? Continue Reading

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