5 Must-Have Jeans Cut For Her

The power of good pair of jeans is phenomenal; it is having the right pair that makes all the difference to your entire look. Choosing a cut that is comfortable and classy can be challenging and with the huge variety of fabric, length and washes, the process of choosing the right pair can become extremely overwhelming.

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5 Must have Handbag Styles for Her

Handbag may seem like a necessity for an everyday person, but for a woman, it’s a piece of accessory that accentuates your style while adding just the right pop of color to complete your look. There was a time when having one bag that could help fulfill your “carrying” needs was sufficient, presently, it is more of an added star to your glamorous and classy look. Continue Reading

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Who is real life Tata Escobar?

Maria Victoria Henao is the real life wife of Pablo Escobar. She got married to Escobar when she was 15 years old, Escobar was 11 years older to her and was 26 years old.

Escobar became the drug lord and Continue Reading

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5 Must Have Shoe Styles for Her

An all-time famous quote by Marilyn Monroe-

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world’ Continue Reading

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