How To Be Educated?

What’s more important EQ or IQ?

The idea that in times of troubles and hardships are reactions are often fall prey to the overwhelming nature of our emotions.

When emotions intervene amidst that hard times, our approach to deal with obstacles highly deviate from rationality. Continue Reading

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Websites for Daily Creative Inspiration

Everybody needs to get a daily dose of inspiration to succeed at work.

The internet is a great place for this purpose but there are many resources, so you can be confused. Moreover, not all of us have enough free time Internet searching to find the most suitable blog.

That’s why I did it for you. Here is a list of websites, that will be great for all professions whether you’re an artist, designer, illustrator, or technical writer. Continue Reading

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Born Or Developed? The Code of Outliers Deciphered

Who are outliers and what makes them so special? To begin with, a dictionary based definition of outliers would be something that is classified as different or away from the rest or main/related body however in our article we use outliers to represent people who are not merely intellectual and exceptional but also the ‘best, brightest and most successful’.

An outlier may be someone like Bill Gates (of Microsoft fame) or Steve Jobs (Apple), who are so skilled and remarkable in their area of expertise, that they define their own category of success. Continue Reading

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Put Your All Eggs In One Basket

People say it’s best to diversify and spread risks rather than placing all eggs in one basket. Splitting money, time and effort over a range of initiatives is best because apart from reducing risks, it also ensures that one succeeds in one thing or another right?


It is proven that most successful people indeed made it big by remaining committed and Continue Reading

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Pursuit of Happiness : 5 Ted Talks To Change Your Life

We believe that the art and science of happiness can be taught as well as acquired. Hence, we present to you our list of 5 most inspiring TED Talk sessions which thoroughly explain the anatomy of happiness in a shell: Continue Reading

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7 Movies that make Finance Interesting

Number crunching and subjects like mathematics were enough to give me nightmares during my school days. Sadly, those nightmares have lasted ever since.

During school, it was advance mathematics; come college- it was pure mathematics and then during university- it was finance. Continue Reading

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