Make Your Ride to Office a Happy Ride : 5 Songs for a Happy Morning Ride

One must make a conscious effort to inculcate happiness as a habit and induce optimism around him/herself. It all begins with taking small steps and bringing about minor changes. Usually, mornings can be hasty, sleepy or plain dead! But believe it or not- the way you begin your mornings has a major impact on your mindset and the rest of the day. It essentially influences your emotional balance and stamina at work. We encourage listening to Continue Reading

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HOLA Weekend : 5 Happy Movies for Happy Weekend

We have a tendency to spend weekends either of the two ways usually: party till you drop dead or turn into a couch potato and go on Netflix rampage. We may also find ourselves getting tired, low or depressed because simply put- we may have nothing to do and weekend may seem like a drag. Continue Reading

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Pursuit of Happiness : 5 Ted Talks To Change Your Life

We believe that the art and science of happiness can be taught as well as acquired. Hence, we present to you our list of 5 most inspiring TED Talk sessions which thoroughly explain the anatomy of happiness in a shell: Continue Reading

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It’s Gonna Be Best Day Of My Life : 5 Mantras for Happy Life

We live in the age of chaos and commotion where happiness is becoming scarce by the day. Spiritual healers, meditators and yogis preach that happiness is not a state of nirvana which occurs only if certain conditions are met- it in fact is beyond external events. We are stuck in Continue Reading

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Wheels on Fire : Types Of Car Explained

This article would help you get familiarized with different styles of cars and what differentiates each of them.

We bring to you 6 most popular styles of cars which you may have commonly heard of but may not have a fair idea about. Let’s get started! Continue Reading

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Know Your Brew : 5 Coffee Types You Should Know!

Do you know an average person in Finland consumes up to 12kg of coffee per year? Clearly coffee is wonderful and a lot of people are in love with it! While coffee Continue Reading

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5 Uppercut things you need to know about Steak Cuts

I had very little idea on why filet mignon was so expensive or what the difference was between a ribeye and tenderloin! So after having made a rather insightful discovery- here we are with a guide for understanding steak cuts… let’s get started- oui? Continue Reading

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Be Charismatic Starting Today!

Can charisma be developed? Can you teach someone to be charismatic? Or is that ‘natural charm’ gifted and not be developed as a skill? Can it be learned and taught? Can it be copied?

I come across a lot of these questions on Quora and hence my article for the day is dedicated to the art of developing charisma. So how can you make your presence felt on a day to day basis?  Continue Reading

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Must Know about Cars before Big Dinner!

Have you ever been in a situation where people are referring to different models and specifications of cars and you don’t have clue of which car are they are talking about? The thought of chatting over dinner and not having a clue of what your folks are talking about is rather disturbing!

Knowing about cars Continue Reading

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Design Life Like Richard Branson

Most of us, if not all are aware of the brand name ‘Virgin’. Virgin represents an array of businesses- from retail to media and most famously – airlines.

Richard Branson is the brains and Continue Reading

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