Month: November 2017

Develop SUPERMAN Confidence!

People regularly post questions related to improving confidence on platforms like Quora, the questions range from tips on building confidence to techniques for maintaining and enhancing it.

Frankly, I have struggled to muster confidence as well. During high school, I remember getting severe stomach cramps as soon as a Continue Reading

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Must Know about Cars before Big Dinner!

Have you ever been in a situation where people are referring to different models and specifications of cars and you don’t have clue of which car are they are talking about? The thought of chatting over dinner and not having a clue of what your folks are talking about is rather disturbing!

Knowing about cars Continue Reading

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Stop Comparing Start Living

“Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people.”

There isn’t a worst killer of happiness then comparison. It kills the joy, makes your achievements look smaller and take all the happiness from your life.

The funny thing about comparison is Continue Reading

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Ethereum value will increase more than Bitcoin

If you haven’t heard about Ethereum yet, then you were about to miss the next crypto-currency boat. The first and the largest crypto-currency is Bitcoin. But after that many new currencies were introduced and the currency that has most chance to perform better then Bitcoin Continue Reading

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Why We Should All Promote Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and Blockchain is like the next big revolution. A lot of people specially Millennials have learned about Bitcoin and have also invested in it,  But that’s not enough. To make Bitcoin really successful we have to Continue Reading

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What is BitCoin?

Chances are you have already heard about Bitcoin. Its the world first decentralized digital currency. Bitcoin price sky-rocketed in 2017 and made a lot of early investors a Millionaire.

So if you haven’t explore Bitcoin earlier you have already missed the boat and this is the last ferry Continue Reading

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McKinsey Consultants Leaving for Ride-Sharing

Uber changed the way we used taxi, it was Travis Kalanick’s golden idea that not only revolutionized the rental car and taxi industry but also restructured the Auto industry as a whole.

In an attempt to keep up with the changing trends and market needs, a lot of automotive companies have started Continue Reading

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McKinsey : The CEO Factory

McKinsey and Company is a global management consulting firm of American origin. Founded in 1926, this firm has developed a unique offering of quantitative and qualitative analysis to support and evaluate management decisions across public and private sectors.

Powered by knowledge, strong organizational values, innovation and rich diversity- McKinsey truly enables its clients to succeed and grow.

Continue Reading

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