Month: December 2016

Lessons from STICK (Daredevil) to Built Resilience

If you are looking to build resilience, NO ONE is better than the coach who has helped daredevil BECOME DAREDEVIL in every sense of the word is none other than – Stick. Continue Reading

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Tyrion Lannister guide to Personality Quotient

Television is full of mentors and coaches but no one is better than the famous Dwarf “Tyrion Lannister” Continue Reading

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5 Must Have Shoe Styles for Her

An all-time famous quote by Marilyn Monroe-

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world’ Continue Reading

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Catchphrases from Catchy Movie Characters

Super stars are full of super phrases and some of them were so super good that we super put them in this super 5 list. Continue Reading

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Catchphrases that can protect you against BULLY!!!

We don’t promote bullying but in certain situations to counter bullies you need smart comments. You have to give them an answer in their language to make sure they get the message. Continue Reading

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7 Catchphrases to Catch from WWE

Well WWE has given us its share of Catchphrases that’s one of the reasons these wrestlers from WWE captured our attention like no one else did…Some of these phrases got more popular than the wrestler so if you are surrounded by WWE fans (you are in most cases) these phrases can help you in breaking the ice or even impress them.. Continue Reading

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5 Catchphrases to Motivate Your Team

Following 5 Catchphrases can make your team meetings memorable. Remember! Make sure you practice them before saying them in front of the team. Continue Reading

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6 Catchy Catchphrases from Television

Television has given us several catchphrases- in today’s share of our upload; we bring to you a list of 6 catchphrases which we think made it big. A lot of these phrases got so popular that they were passed on from one generation to another, as one of the best means of staying connected. Continue Reading

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